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Fonteine Village retirement village is set on a magnificent North-facing slope on the outskirts of Malmesbury, and boasts spectacular views of the Swartland Mountain Range, the town and Table Mountain.

The village consists of full-title homes, each with a single or double garage – owners are buying the land and buildings.  Phase 3 is currently under construction and units are selling fast.

While the constitution of the complex states that the occupants must be at least 50 years old, any person of any age may buy a unit so it’s a great investment.

Each house boasts high-quality finishes and fixtures, with airy open-plan layouts and indoor-door flow to easily-manageable garden spaces.

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Phase 3 now selling…

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While Malmesbury has a low crime-rate, security is an important feature at the village, with the estate being protected by 24-hour manned security with camera monitoring, access control and electrified fencing.  Dog patrols will also be starting soon.



Specialist care may become necessary due to major illness, operation, or age-related conditions.

Fonteine Village has partnered with the Malmesbury ACVV, whose highly qualified and experienced staff have provided many decades of outstanding service to the community.

Residents have access to dedicated frail care beds as well as the post-operative room. Recuperating in the care of the dedicated staff of the ACVV means you can remain close to your home in the country while receiving the highest quality care, which is recognised by medical aid schemes.


Most people hope to retain their health and independence for as long as possible. The reality is that it sometimes becomes necessary to get an extra helping hand or even specialist care. Perhaps tasks that were easy not long ago become too onerous, or perhaps an operation requires continued
medical support.

Fonteine Village understands the importance of providing a range of services that will ensure optimal living at all stages of our residents’ lives.

Therefore, we have partnered with respected experts and organisations who will provide the right support at the right time.

Because all services are only paid for as they become necessary, there is no additional financial burden on residents, as these services are not subsidised by way of hefty levies. Furthermore, most of the services are covered by medical aid service providers.


For flexible care in the privacy of your home, Fonteine Village offers first-class nursing services.

Residents can decide how often they require visits, depending on their needs – whether it be once or twice a day for an hour, half-days, full days or even 24/7 care. Nursing staff are highly qualified and provide expert services at affordable fees.


Our commitment to residents do not only extend to medical needs, but also to general lifestyle requirements.

Friendly and enthusiastic assistants are available at all times to lend a hand for everyday tasks, to people who wish to retain their independence for as long as possible. Services include, but are not limited to: Bathing and dressing, ablutions and grooming, and cooking and eating.