Buying in Fonteine Village

Can the house be registered in my children’s name?2017-07-18T16:32:55+02:00


What deposit is needed to buy in Fonteine Village?2017-07-18T16:32:34+02:00

A 10% deposit is required.

Are the houses sold as “life rights” or own title ?2017-07-18T16:31:48+02:00

The houses are sold as own title – you buy the land and buildings.  You do not have to live in Fonteine Village to buy and own property here.

Who may buy in Fonteine Village?2017-07-18T16:28:00+02:00

While Fonteine Village is a retirement village and residents must be older than 50 years old, anyone may buy a unit here.

Children may purchase units for their parents or investors may buy-to-let.

Living in Fonteine Village

What sort of security is in place?2017-07-18T16:34:45+02:00

Manned 24/7 security with access control, electrified perimeter fences, and monitored cameras.

Is the estate pet-friendly?2017-07-18T16:30:04+02:00


Is there a minimum age for residents?2017-07-07T15:24:40+02:00

Fonteine Village is a retirement village, so the minimum age is 50 years old, but anyone may buy a unit in Fonteine Village.

How much are the levies at Fonteine Village?2020-01-27T10:27:09+02:00

The 2020 levies are R1,658 per month which includes management of the estate, 24-hour security, upkeep of all common areas, insurance of common areas and garden services.

What healthcare facilities are available?2020-01-27T10:36:56+02:00

Home-based nursing is available.

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